Why Isn’t My Asphalt Surface Smooth?

A roller compacting new asphalt

Last Updated on 4 years by We’ve crafted some stellar asphalt pavements over the years. We can easily tell the difference between paving that has been installed with care and paving that has been rushed. One easy way is to look at the asphalt surface texture. If it is not as smooth as you expected,…

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Asphalt or Concrete: Which is the best choice for your paving project?

How to choose between concrete and asphalt

Last Updated on 4 years by Asphalt or concrete—which should you choose for your driveway, sidewalk or parking lot? How do they compare on price? Which will give you the best results? Which will last longer? Does one option require less maintenance? Well, the answer is … (drum roll please) … it depends. You choice…

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