7 Benefits of Using Asphalt For Your Next Paving Project

With 94% of the roads in America surfaced with asphalt, you have surely experienced asphalt paving’s durability and resilience. Asphalt really is everywhere, and for good reason!

It’s the strength of asphalt that makes it a popular paving option for private, public and government/municipal use. From driveways to parking lots, sidewalks to highways, asphalt is a great choice.

Here are 7 of the many great benefits of using asphalt for your next paving project.

1. Asphalt paving is safer to drive on than other materials

Asphalt paving has water managing qualities – which means it has high skid resistance.

Excessive surface water is the root cause of a lot of traffic accidents and fatalities across the US every year. Open-graded asphalt allows rainwater to drain right through the pavement’s surface, helping reduce the amount of surface water vehicles have to drive though.

Asphalt’s dark color has multiple benefits too. It provides high contrast with the color of the road markings (just think of concrete’s lack of color contrast with white and yellow paint marking). This gives drivers more visibility during difficult weather conditions, helping reduce accidents on the road.

On top of that, the darker color of asphalt doesn’t just provide better visibility for road markings, it also reduces glare – making driving more comfortable and less straining on drivers’ eyes.

Asphalt’s color also causes ice and snow to melt faster (black absorbs heat a lot quicker than lighter colors) – which means less snow shoveling.

2. Asphalt paving is 100% recyclable

Asphalt is America’s most recycled material – it’s currently recycled at a rate of over 99%.

The asphalt industry reuses and recycles nearly 100 million tons of asphalt every year.

Recycled asphalt isn’t only good for the environment by being a sustainable product, but it’s also stronger and more durable as a result. This means that roads built with recycled asphalt will last longer than other options on the market.

3. Asphalt is long-lasting

Asphalt that is installed by a professional contractor should last anywhere between 15-25 years. Its durability is thanks to its flexibility and because of this, it can withstand heavy machinery and vehicles.

Most grades of asphalt can easily survive a harsh winter season and a boiling summer heat.

Of course, asphalt will only stay strong and durable if it’s looked after properly. If you need your asphalt to be maintained by a professional asphalt contractor, we would love to take a look at it for you.

4. Asphalt is cost-efficient & quick to install

Asphalt is generally a lot cheaper to install than any other type of paving material, especially concrete.

(Quick side note – one of the main elements of asphalt is crude oil, so the price of raw materials can change if the oil market is in flux)

Due to what it’s made of, it’s also quick to install and doesn’t take long to cure, so you could be driving on your new asphalt in just a couple of days after installation.

5. Asphalt paving has great water drainage

So we mentioned this in terms of safer driving conditions, but it has other positive effects.

Asphalt’s water drainage capabilities help redirect water to grassy areas, or other suitable places, where the water can be managed/drained easier. This helps stop a build-up of water underneath the asphalt, which could cause heaves to appear – and result in a call to a maintenance crew to solve the problem.

6. Asphalt lessens noise pollution

The noise of heavy traffic can really contribute to noise pollution. Traffic noise can be caused by the sheer volume of traffic, the speed the drivers are going, as well as the noise from heavy trucks.

Asphalt paving is a great choice for reducing the amount of traffic noise as it’s great for absorbing sound.

Rubberized asphalt is even more effective at reducing noise levels. This type of asphalt is made by mixing in recycled tires and it can help reduce the noise levels of busy roads even further.

It’s shown that asphalt can reduce noise of 3dB to 10 dB. That’s the equivalent of reducing the amount of traffic on the road by 50%.

7. Asphalt’s smoothness makes for a great ride!

Last but not least, asphalt paving provides you with a smooth surface that’s a pleasure to drive (or walk) along.

Asphalt’s smoothness also makes it a greener option (yes, really). Studies have shown that the smoothness of paving can actually help reduce fuel consumption. Vehicles that travel on a smoother surface use up to 4.5% less fuel. When cars use up less fuel they emit less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

With asphalt, once it’s been paved smooth it’ll continue to be smooth as long as it’s maintained and well looked after.

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