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In Houston, MS, Murprhree Paving is the number one trusted paving company to contact for all of your asphalt and concrete paving needs because we have an unwavering commitment to our customers, community, and employees that go above and beyond the task at hand to ensure long-lasting and beautiful pavement for years to come. Our skilled paving contractors have worked closely with industrial, municipal, residential, and commercial property owners to upgrade their properties, such as new parking lot paving complete with line striping and signage, pothole repair, full concrete bollard installation, and more.

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Things to Do in Houston, MS

One of two Chickasaw County, MS, Houston county seats is located in northeastern Mississippi. It is well-known for coming back even in times of hardship and ruin.

The land was initially donated in 1836, and the town was named in honor of Sam Houston. The city was incorporated in 1837, one month before Houston, Texas. After widespread ruin during the Civil War, the following decade saw revitalization and a steady recovery. The area became one of the few in the nation to host two bases for its court system.

If you’re seeking things to do, try the Tanglefoot Trail. It features multiple hiking trails, places to picnic, or locations to do family gatherings. The Okolona Confederate Cemetery has a vast look back into the area’s history. It is troubling as it was at times, but it is essential for local perspectives. Dot Courson Studio and Fine Art Gallery feature art displays and paintings for beginnings and experts alike.

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