Heavy Industrial Asphalt Paving & Concrete

Distribution centers, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, mills, ports, airports, and more

Custom Solutions for Complex Environments

Asphalt paving for industrial applications requires in-depth understanding of how the area will be used—and the engineering skills and experience to ensure a quality product at a reasonable price.

Heavy industrial paving projects can be much more complex than other types of projects as the area may include zones with different uses and, therefore, different base and sub base requirements.

Asphalt can be a great choice for the budget conscious as each zone can be constructed to different specifications to avoid "over engineering" of zones that will only receive light traffic.


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"Murphree Paving recently completed a runway and taxiway rehab. project for us. [They] produced a very good result for us while maintaining a safe and efficient worksite. Murphree Paving went above and beyond to complete the project on schedule and well within budget."

—Donna M. Sowers, Corinth-Alcorn County Airport

five stars

"The guys at Murphree did a great job with the water drainage project at my Tupelo facility. Their team went the extra mile in evaluating the project to be sure the job was done right!"

—Maury Giachelli, Tupelo Recycling Company

five stars

"Murphree Paving provides us with a customer service that we have not found in other contractors. Their promptness to our request and the quality of their work they provide to us is unmatched. I would personally recommend Murphree Paving for any asphalt or concrete needs."

—Ricky Anglin Atmos Energy

Industrial Asphalt Paving Considerations

Heavy Moving Traffic or Stationary Heavy Loads

Will your pavement be primarily exposed to heavy trucks in motion, or stationary loads? This can make a significant difference to the construction of your pavement.



Forklifts have the entire weight of the vehicle and load on just a small surface, so the project’s sub base and base must be engineered accordingly. They must be installed at the correct depths while achieving maximum density, or compaction.


Dumpster Placement

The area around dumpsters takes a lot of abuse. Providing separate access lanes for dumpster trucks can help prevent damage from their repeated maneuvering into place and the heavy loads they carry.


Chemical Degradation

Trucks and busses are notorious for leaking oil, diesel, gas and other petroleum-based fluids. These fluids cause premature failure of asphalt pavement if they are allowed to penetrate. Regular sealcoating helps prevent these corrosive fluids from reaching your asphalt so it is important that sealcoating is applied consistently over the entire asphalt surface and reapplied periodically.


Areas of Lighter Use

Its not all bad news here! Zoning your paving project may allow to to reduce costs if your facility has areas of that are not exposed to repeated heavy loads. Your employee parking lot is an example of a zone that may not need as deep of a sub base and base as other zones.

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