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What does your driveway say about you?

The condition of your driveway says more about you than you may think!

An even, crack-free surface says that you take pride in your home and keep on top of home maintenance.

But cracks, loose gravel, and stains tell a very different story …

Partner with Murphree Paving to add curb appeal to your home or neighborhood and increase its value.



5-star review for Murphree Paving

"My driveway looks amazing! [Murphree Paving] even gave me tips on how to do proper asphalt maintenance on my driveway in the future. I would recommend Murphree Paving to anybody!"

—Ellen Harper

5-star review for Murphree Paving

"Murphree Paving did an excellent job on the paving for our neighborhood. They were professional and very easy to work with from start to finish. The quality of the job was outstanding even under tough weather conditions."

—Saunders Ramsey, PE, Neel Schaffer Engineers

5-star review for Murphree Paving

"Murphree Paving employees are very accommodating and they saved me some money on my concrete project. Estimators responded quickly and educated me on the best options for my project. Very professional!"

—Austin McHenry

5-star review for Murphree Paving

"When my wife and I decided that our circle driveway needed repaving my first call was to Harrison Gregory at Murphree Paving. We received a quick visit from their estimator and a fair price for the project. Our driveway looks great!"

—Jack Reed, Jr.

New Paving, Repairs & Maintenance

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New Residential Paving

Murphree Paving residential asphalt

There is a lot more to the construction of a high-quality driveway than simply pouring the driveway.

  • How well has the ground been prepared?
  • Has water drainage from the driveway surface been taken into account?
  • Where will the runoff be directed?

A lack of planning at the preparation stage will leave you with a substandard driveway with a reduced lifespan and increased repair costs.

Be sure to work with an established pavement contractor with significant experience and great references.

Benefit from our 50 years of experience.

Talk to us about your project or request a quote.

Residential Paving Repairs

Asphalt Overlay

If your asphalt driveway is deteriorating but it still has a strong foundation, an asphalt overlay—or resurface—may be a COST EFFECTIVE alternative to removal and replacement.

Patching, Pothole Filling, Crack Sealing, Joint Sealing

Repairing damage as it occurs can greatly EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR PAVEMENT.

Asphalt patching, pothole filling, crack sealing and joint sealing, are COST EFFECTIVE  alternatives to replacement as long as the underlying structure is strong.

Ask us whether repairing your driveway is your best option.

Residential Paving Maintenance

You can do a lot of maintenance yourself

Save money and extend the life of your driveway:

  • Keep existing pavement clean and free of loose debris that could penetrate the surface
  • Repair faults and flaws before they spread
  • Periodically reseal the pavement surface

Sealcoating is best left to the professionals

Asphalt and concrete are both porous, so water will penetrate and degrade the surface if it is left unsealed.  

  • Under normal wear and tear, asphalt paving should be resealed every 3 - 5 years
  • Concrete surfaces require sealing every 5 - 10 years, depending on the type of sealant used, amount of traffic, and weather conditions.

Murphree Paving’s quality sealants and expert application beautify and extend the life of your driveway by protecting it from premature cracking, crumbling, and other costly repairs.

We'd love to discuss your project with you and answer your questions.

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