Spring Maintenance Checklist For Asphalt Pavement

If you have asphalt pavement on your property then you should know by now that maintaining it is the best way to prolong its lifespan and save a big expense in the future.

In the springtime, asphalt can often crack, sink or have damage leftover from the previous winter. 

Spring is a great time to check your asphalt and fix any issues that might be popping up. By fixing small issues now, you can prevent expensive repair jobs that will need to be done in the future. 

You can extend the life of your asphalt pavement with these simple spring maintenance tips.

1. Take a Good Look

As soon as the harsh weather from the winter season is over, it’s time for a thorough visual inspection of your paved areas. 

Take note of any damage – even the smallest of cracks could develop into something more serious. 

Repair these damages as soon as possible as water can often seep into these cracks, freeze overnight and destroy more of your pavement. Water can also sink beneath the asphalt and weaken the structure which can cause it to collapse over time. 

For commercial properties, potholes are not only unsightly, but they’re also dangerous – which means you could be putting your business at risk if they contribute to a fall, accident or injury. 

Paying out for personal injury damages or damages to a vehicle is way more expensive than having to fix a couple of potholes. Make sure you get any potholes fixed so you don’t end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

2. Sealcoat Regularly

Sealcoating, also known as pavement sealing, is essential. 

You should try to have sealcoating performed on your asphalt at least every couple of years. If you haven’t, it’s time to schedule one in while you have dry weather. 

Sealcoating is one of the best ways to help prevent damage to your asphalt paving and keeps it looking it’s best. 

It’s always best to hire a professional in paving to come and sealcoat your asphalt as they’ll provide a reliable, efficient and long-lasting coating for your pavement. 

The do-it-yourself approach isn’t really advised in this situation as you could do it incorrectly and leave your asphalt paving open to harm – and costing more in the long-term. 

3. Touch up Your Paint Job 

If the lines on your business’s parking lot are fading, now is the perfect time to re-stripe your lot. 

A fresh coat of paint will not only make your parking lot look a lot more appealing but it will also help your customers know that you care about their health, safety and well being. 

Make sure that all of the following areas are freshly lined and painted so your customers can easily identify them: 

  • Parking spaces
  • Fire lanes
  • Handicapped areas
  • No parking zones
  • Speed bumps 
  • Loading zones  

When painting the lot, make sure to use long-lasting paint along with professional techniques. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself then consider bringing in a professional to give you a hand. 

4. Clear Your Edging

Grass and weeds often sneak their way through the surface of asphalt and damage it from below. Over time, this weakens it and leaves it more susceptible to cracks and breaks. You can help prevent this by keeping the edges of your asphalt properly weeded and free from any vegetation. 

You can also consider adding a curb to the edges of your asphalt which will not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your parking lot, but also help reduce the amount of maintenance needed in regard to weeds and grass growth. 

5. Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule 

Regular cleaning of your asphalt is essential to keeping it in great condition. Be sure to clear any rocks, leaves or dirt from your pavement on a regular basis so it’s clear for your visitors. This will not only make it look more attractive but it will also be a lot safer.

Clearing away any dirt and debris from your asphalt will also help extend its life. Make sure that you’re checking any drains regularly and emptying them to prevent a build-up of water. 

Regular cleaning of your pavement will also prevent any debris causing clogs that can occur in the drainage system – which in turn will cause more cracks and potholes to form on your asphalt’s surface.

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